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Meet the Big Bad Wolf

BBW Burning Man

The Big Bad Wolf at the 2015 3rd Planet Reunification festival. 

Four days of this massive Klipsch system shaking the ground for miles around. Retrofitted with the meanest drivers we could get from Eminence Kentucky's premier sound engineers. Many of these cabinets once belonged to Bill Hanley himself and were resurrected from the same Massachusetts warehouse that stores all the original gear from Woodstock. Sadly on the second day the festival was canceled due to circumstances beyond anyone's control but many people got to enjoy this thunderous system for themselves and had an amazing experience.


Klipsch's heart and soul continues pissing off the neighbors since 1946. This system is history brought to life and continues to make new history as part of the West Coast EDM Bass Music Culture including ongoing appearances at several events throughout the year in Galt, California. The Big Bad Wolf has to be experienced to be believed! We only wish Paul were here to hear and FEEL this beast of bass for himself.

The Big Bad Wolf is available in whole or in part for rental. What you see above is the entire system but if your needs are more modest it can be broken down into 3 "pups". Each 3rd of the system can be rented individually and each requires only a single 15A circuit to operate at full volume.

Note: the full system requires three 15A circuits for full volume though it can operate at reduced volume on less.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022